• Publication of Human Rights and Democracy monitoring weekly magazine for Africa.
  • Purchase of parcels of land and building of an institute for Human Rights training, research conferences, seminars and workshop for the emancipation of Africans. A pregnant site in Benin for the Francophone and one in Nigeria for the Anglophones as Headquarters.
  • Regular cross border campaign and public meetings for awareness.
  • Launching of a foundation for African Development purpose and eradication of poverty in Africa.
  • Open our oversea (Europe, US) offices to enable us to check Human Rights Violations affecting African in the Diaspora.
  • Establishment of mini regional and zonal offices in Nigeria and other African Countries.


  • Operational Vehicles

  • Desktop Computers Laptops and I-Pads

  • Video Camera

  • Photo Camera

  • Photocopy Machine

  • Landed Properties
  • Cash / Cheque Donations
  • Books for our Libraries
  • FUNDING: CDHRDA as a non governmental and non-for-profit Organization lives on membership dues, contributions, grants, gifts and voluntary donations from members and sympathizers. The organization remains confronted to the lack of many facilities due to insuffient funding. The demand for its intervention here and there on continent is alarming.

    DONATION: Donation from members, sympathizers can be made to CDHRDA by Cheque.


    Secretary General








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Report any rights voilation, intimidation, assault or inappropriate enforcement of law to our office. Please, when sending an email, kindly provide full details of voilation and accurate data of your contact and residence.

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