This interactive programme is born out of the desire to spread constitutional awareness and to provide protection to the millions of Nigerians who are vulnerable and exposed to arbitrary arrest, torture, extra-judicial killing and for all those who are undergoing all kind of human rights abuses which is illegal and unconstitutional and yet no one is fighting for them. At least not until now that the centre for the defense of human rights and democracy in Africa has come on board. With this TV and Radio programme, we hope to make a difference. For you can’t give someone a gun to protect himself without teaching him how to use it to defend himself.

Today we are practicing tribal and religious politics as a result of zero knowledge of our democratic constitution. This programme is set out to change that! and under the 1999 constitution, the constitution clearly stated that the state shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power. Through this programme we hope to put pressure on the State to live up its obligation and carryout its constitutional responsibilities of abolishing all corrupt practices and abuse of power. And under the economic objective of the same constitution, the constitution clearly stated that the state shall within the context of the ideals and objectives, for which provision are made in this constitution.

* Harness the resources of the nation and promote national prosperity and an efficient, a dynamic and self-reliance economy.

* Control the national economy in such a manner as to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on the basis of social justice and equality of status and opportunity. The constitution continues to say that the state shall direct its policy towards ensuring the promotion of a planned and balanced economic development.

* All citizens without discrimination on any group whatsoever have the opportunity for securing suitable and adequate means of livelihood as well as equal opportunity to secure suitable employment.

* There are adequate medical and health facilities for all persons. Through this programme, we hope to put extra more pressure on the state to stop acting contrary to the constitution and fulfill its constitutional duties, and act in accordance to the constitution.

As we speak, there are thousands of innocent men and women wrongly arrested and put in jails nationwide. This radio and TV programme is set out to make sure that only the right people are put in jail meaning criminals and not the innocent. It’s also to the dignity of the human person is not only in the Nigeria constitution. It’s also in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the African Charter on peoples’ and human rights and other international treaties of which Nigeria is a signatory.

1) No person shall be subjected to torture, or to inhuman or degrading treatment.

2) No person shall be held in slavering or servitude.

3) No person shall be required to perform force or compulsory labour. But as we speak, thousands of innocent people are being put to forced labour, contractual labour, subjected to torture, and inhuman and degrading treatment by the Nigerian Police, the Nigeria Army, the Nigeria Navy companies and other law enforcement agencies nationwide. This programme is set out to put an end to all of these.

OUR MANDATE is to promote Human Rights and democracy to the letter and to help in the propagation of democracy and the rule of law and respect of the constitution nationwide. And to expose corrupt practices and the abuse of power by any public office holder, by any law enforcement agency, by any federal or state parastatal, by any private company or any individual entity. We hope to do all of these through this radio and TV programme by documenting and releasing yearly corruption reports and documenting and releasing human right abuse report every year as a measure of putting pressure on all those responsible to take action in accordance to the constitution and act responsibly and constitutionally.

God knows we will need all the help we can to undertake all of these objectives for this mission is one mission that is full of risk taking to our health, property or even our lives. For the monster corruption and human rights abuse cannot go down without a fight. These are sacrifices we are ready to make so long as we get all the support, be it in financial, material, in logistics or even join us to help those without helpers. Join us in the centre for the Defense of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa and be among the defenders of the people.

It is the constitutional duties of the state to put in adequate measure in place to provide security and protection for all citizens and also provide comfortable and affordable shelter for every single citizen of the state. So please join us, support us to put pressure on the state to take on the challenges of educating our next generation seriously.

The fact that, out of the eighteen thousand students that sat for WAEC, only seventeen students passed the exam is simply unacceptable, how much does it cost to educate only seventeen students in six years out of eighteen thousand.

Our AIM is to rise up one day and find ourselves in a country full of accountability and transparency in every sector of government; be it federal or state for democracy without accountability equals instability and stability withought accountability equals to insecurity meaning Boko Haram, Millitants, Kidnapping, Ritual Killers, Armed Robbers, 419 or yahoozay, bad roads, and many more for all of these are the side effect of bad governance. So, once again, we are calling on all those concerned to join us, support us in anyway possible to change the direction of this great country for the better.
May God help Nigeria.

Mohammed Zanna








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