CDHRDA Originated from the CDHR - (Committee for the Defense of Human Rights) in Benin based in Nigeria although with underground network in Benin since 1986 under the initiative of Prof. MAURICE FANGNON with some Benin Nationals forced into exile during the autocratic military regime of General Mathiew Kerekou. This is the group that was confronting military government in support of the only political party by then, the Communist Party of Benin created in 1977, publishing all crimes committed at home, the list of the political detainees more than 700, even the genocide attempt to dump toxic waste in Benin through a confidential contract signed by Kerekou. Kerekou pursued the leaders by sending hired assasins who were apprehended by Nigeria Police at HRC compound Awolowo road Lagos in 1989. The leader remain indomptable and even entered regularly in Cotonou for secret meetings with their comrades. They gained the support of many Nigeria democrates and freedom fighters such as: OLU ADEBAYO, SHINA LOREMIKA, KAYODE KOMOLAFE, DENJA YAKUBU, OSAIGE OBAYUWANA, Dr. BEKO RANSOME KUTI, FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI, CHIEF GANI FAWEHINMI (SAN), BARRISTER FEMI FALANA, BARRISTER PATRICIA KUYE and PROFESSOR WOLE SOYINKA who gave them backing and encouragement and often challenged Kerekou to release all political detainees and stop all Human Rights Violations through their petitions.

The Nigerian media also played a vital role in that regard despite all bribes attempts. Despite all the threats and frustrations by Benin Embassy in Nigeria e.g. denial of birth certificate to Prof. MAURICE FANGNON new born baby in 1989 and to support and appeal to the Ministry of Works to relocate his school demolished and burnt to ashes by the Ministry Task Force under General Adisa in 1996. He remains firm with the struggle to end the military dictatorship in Benin and oversea such as the Conference Organized by the International Federation of Human Rights FIDH in Paris during the bicentenary of French revolution the only existing NGO by then that represented the Republic of Benin. From our intervention exposing the crimes in Benin at that occasion many other African Delegates asked for the Pan Africanisation of the struggle and the advocacy in order to protect and defend Human Rights being social, economic or political on the richest continent of world but where people live in abject poverty without the right to protest and demand for system change. In Benin with the people convention setup in 1988 headed by late PASCAL FANTODJI 1st Secretary of PCB decided to dare the military disctatorship by many underground groups including CDHR.

The democratization events in Benin which was at its peak on December 11, 1989 and forced Kerekou to resign but were hijacked by the so called National Conference planned by France in February 1990 in order to prevent the true opposition group led by communist party of Benin to take over. The people of Benin were confronted to another deceitful system called democratic renewal headed by NICEPHORE SOGLO as directed by France. In 1992 at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Lagos CDHR leaders, with former victims of Kerekou repression who escaped death in the geol, Professor MAURICE FANGNON and his colleague ALPHONCE SOSSOU challenged him during his public lecture on democracy in Benin Republic and denied him the right to trot the globe and proclaim himself as a democrat with over 500 hundred political detainees, worse with the gruesome murder of Comrade SEGLA KPOMASI in Azove market by his gendarmes in 1992 during his prime Minister ship.

Therefore as a resnpose to the call and seeing many African countries still under military dictatorship, the founders of CDHR, Prof. MAURICE FANGNON realised the urgency to extend the advocacy to the whole continent with the creation of CDHRDA in July 27th, 2000 in COTONOU in order to face the situation of Human Rights Violations, the true Democratization of Africa and Good Governance and Fight against Corruption and Hunger. Membership continues to increase up to date, even with Africans in the Diaspora. The organization also continues to receive the support and honorary membership of dignities and non African Nationals.

Our Vision: To be the undisputed leader in the Eradication of poverty, illiteracy, defending and protecting human rights in Africa and in the world at large.

Our Mission: To maintain our position as a non-governmental organization that ensures that the fundamental of Human Rights of individuals and the people are not violated in Africa and the installation of democracy in every country in the continent with the aim of uniting all African towards the vision of our past Heroes to have the United States of Africa and break all colonial barriers.

Our Core Values (INTEHA): Integrity, Team Work, Hardwork.


1) Promotion, advocacy, protecting of Human Rights as guaranteed by the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the African Charter of Human and People’s Right and other international treaties.

2) Monitor and Investigate all alleged cases and complaints of Human Rights violations in Nigeria, any African Countries affecting individuals, group of people, communities and Africans in the Diaspora.

3) Monitor the Democratization process in Africa, advocate, defend and protect Democracy, the Rule of Law, Good Governance and Fight for the eradication of Poverty, Corruption, and Illiteracy.

4) Give support and assistance to victims of Human Rights Violations and seek redress on their behalf in Nigeria, any other African Countries in the Diaspora through local Courts, ECOWAS Court or any other International Jurisdictions.

5) Publish reports on the state of Human Rights violations and protecting our activities in Africa.

6) Organize conferences, seminars and workshops on Human Rights issues, Corruption, Democracy and Good Governance for public enlightenment.

7) Cooperate with other Human Rights Organizations, foundations etc for the purpose of advancing the promotion and protection of Human Rights through Partnership, Grant and Support, and Capacity Building.

8) Awareness campaign among the populace for the Environmental Protection, Environmental Pollution activities, and Deforestation in Africa.

9) Fight illiteracy, Violence against Women, Child Abuse and the Denial of the rights to Free Education for all children and encourage African citizens to learn how to read and write their own native language in support of UNESCO Agenda.

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